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Materials by Design® – proven technology for materials design and engineering.

Products/Client Services

QuesTek utilizes our ICMD® materials design and engineering software to serve clients through engagements structured as a sequence of deliverables, based on client needs. Clients can now subscribe to have the power of ICMD® and our Materials by Design® technology in the hands of their engineers.
Engagements typically start with an analysis of materials challenges, analysis and data. To advance the solution further, clients then engage for modelling, which includes additional analysis and data.

QuesTek ICMD® Cloud Based Software

ICMD® is Your Materials Challenge Solution –
QuesTek’s ICMD® Materials Design Software includes:
  • Toolkits for Materials Design
  • Accelerated Qualification and Certification
  • Informatics and Analysis
  • Simulation
It’s time for Digital Transformation
  • Optimal resource deployment
  • Highly accurate ICME models
  • Prescriptive parametric materials design
  • Materials performance prediction
  • Materials concurrency
When using ICMD®, individual engineers saved between 20-80% of the prior execution durations of various steps or phases of delivering service engagements.

Case Studies


Materials by Design® Technology

QuesTek applies its proprietary technology under three proven, fundamental methodologies.