A New Chapter In Advanced Materials Component Life Prediction

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Aerospace and industrial organizations want the peace-of-mind of seeing a return on their advanced materials investment. When put to the test, rotorcraft transmission gears and Navy aircraft steel hook shanks, for example, need to meet performance demands, while heavy duty mining equipment must operate at an optimal level to avoid downtime that can disrupt manufacturing processes and supply chain flow.

Crystal balls don’t exist but testing of materials does, and it just got a lot easier and more sophisticated thanks to a collaboration between Sentient Science and QuesTek Innovations.

Access to Alloys

Sentient’s DigitalClone® SaaS subscribers are in for a treat. The partnership now allows subscribers to upgrade and gain access to QuesTek’s libraries of advanced materials, including the high performance alloys: Ferrium® C61; Ferrium® C64; Ferrium® M54; and Ferrium® S53, with additional models on the way in future releases.

Take a Test Drive

What if you had the ability to evaluate and quantify the fatigue life benefits of Ferrium alloys for their specific applications? DigitalClone users can now have that capability. The physics-based SaaS modeling solution provides a low-risk, high-fidelity environment to fully explore the entire design space and highlight the effectiveness of innovative materials that support next-generation designs or lightweighting initiatives for existing designs.

Elevating ICME

We’ve previously discussed the future of ICME, and this type of access will play a pivotal role in its evolution. The pursuit of higher performance designed systems is sure to pave the way for the democratization and digitization of ICME.


QuesTek material libraries are available as an upgrade for existing DigitalClone for Engineering (DC-E) and DigitalClone for Additive Manufacturing (DC-AM) subscribers, as of 15 July 2021. Contact Sentient Science for details and pricing at https://sentientscience.com/contact/

About QuesTek

QuesTek Innovations LLC is a global leader in ICME technologies and has used its proprietary Materials by Design® methodology to rapidly design and deploy a family of commercially-available Ferrium® steels being used in demanding applications. For over 20 years, QuesTek has been selected by all branches of the US government and a growing and diverse industrial client base to understand and resolve their most pressing materials challenges. Contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge capabilities and how we can leverage our ICME approach to resolve your most pressing materials challenges.