QuesTek Announces New Corporate Clients

Evanston Il and Cambridge MA, Nov. 14, 2023 –

QuesTek Innovations, the primary operating arm of QuesTek International LLC, today announced the execution of two new corporate engagements.

Commonwealth Fusion Systems and Stoke Space are new QuesTek clients signed recently for Materials by Design® technology services.

Commonwealth Fusion Systems has engaged QuesTek to address composition and process optimization to improve product design. Stoke Space has enlisted QuesTek’s help in addressing thermoelectric management challenges in their mission to produce 100% re-useable rockets.

According to QuesTek COO Bill Mahoney ”We are delighted to include Commonwealth Fusion Systems and Stoke Space as newly signed corporate clients.  These outstanding companies join Boeing, Cummins Engine, Daido Steel, John Deere, and HC Starck in our group of most recent signings. One of QuesTek’s key initiatives in our digital strategy is to grow our corporate-sourced revenues faster than our government-sourced revenues, and our Q4 pipeline value now exceeds our total annual corporate revenues from our record 2022.”

About QuesTek

QuesTek empowers innovators by resolving materials challenges.

QuesTek’s Materials by Design® technology is proven to reduce the development time and cost and increase the performance of novel materials. In its market space, QuesTek is the first and only provider to execute the full cycle from novel design to production, certification, and flight operations with proprietary materials, in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional, or purely algorithmic methods.

For more information, please contact Severine Valdant, Chief Commercial Officer, at