QuesTek Innovations Releases Additive Manufacturing Qualifications and Experience

Evanston, IL – October, 3, 2022 – QuesTek Innovations, the primary operating subsidiary of QuesTek International LLC, today released a summary profile of its Materials by Design® qualifications and experience in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) application segment. The profile includes successful service engagements, internal R&D, proprietary materials patents, recognition, and now software.

To date, QuesTek has successfully delivered or is currently executing on a combined 70+ service engagements providing AM solutions. Clients have included DARPA, the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and numerous corporate entities. Materials addressed by the engagements include nickel superalloys, aluminum, titanium, stainless steels, invar, and heat exchanger alloys.

Nine recent internal R&D (IR&D) initiatives have resulted in five patents for QuesTek proprietary materials specifically designed for AM. The most recent patent awarded to QuesTek in this category is US 11,401,585 B2 Multicomponent Aluminum Alloys for Applications such as AM. Overall, the Company holds 14 US Patents for ICMD® advanced alloys, and five US Patents for ICMD® advanced alloys specifically for AM. QuesTek also has 13 US Patents pending for additional novel materials.

QuesTek deliverables in Additive Manufacturing have been consistently recognized by leading materials forums. For example: in 2020, QuesTek received 1st Place in the America Makes-Air Force Research Lab AM Modeling Challenge Series by delivering improved understanding of structures and performance of additively manufactured metallic components. In 2022, QuesTek received 1st Place for Best Modeling Results Predicting Macroscale Tensile Behavior from the AM Best Awards, a joint NSF-TMS program (Winning QuesTek Team pictured below).

Winning QuesTek Team

Primarily derived from QuesTek AM services engagements, the company has developed significant capability in uncertainty quantification. That capability is now available to interested parties for test and evaluation through the Alloy Qualification toolkit in QuesTek’s ICMD® digital materials design platform, which was announced last month.

According to QuesTek COO Bill Mahoney, “If you or your organization is facing AM challenges, whether in areas of process, structure, properties, or performance, QuesTek has proven that we can help you resolve those issues.”

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