Join QuesTek engineers for a seven-part webinar series presented by ASM International. The series will outline the Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) approach and how it can be used to overcome materials challenges. We will share how ICME can accelerate material development, optimize processes, predict material properties, and more. Recently launched ICMD® materials design and engineering software will be showcased throughout the webinar series.

Engineering for the Future, The Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Advantage:

Utilizing ICME to overcome materials challenges and accelerate alloy development
August 31, 1PM CT

This webinar is the first in a series by QuesTek designed to introduce attendees to Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), the advantages it provides, and how it may be used to solve materials challenges. We will also discuss QuesTek’s new ICMD® software, its purpose, and its place within the Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) software landscape. We will cover the currently available Toolkits for alloy optimization, design, and qualification, and key capabilities enabled by ICMD®.

presented by: Clay Houser, Product Manager ICMD®

Alloy Composition and Processing Optimization with ICMD® materials design software
September 13, 1PM CT

 QuesTek has been applying its Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) approach using its ICMD® materials design software to optimizing alloy compositions and manufacturing processes for a wide range of industries, pushing the limits of materials performance. The ICMD® platform integrates QuesTek Innovation’s proven library of models, genomic data sets, software, and analytics into a comprehensive SaaS product. The ICMD® platform and its toolkits enable materials design and simulation, informatics and analytics, qualification, and certification. These toolkits enable users to improve their materials and processes radically faster and at a lower cost compared to traditional trial-and-error or DOE approaches.

presented by: Kerem Taskin, Senior Client Solutions Engineer

Accelerated Qualification and Certification of Materials with ICMD® materials design software
September 28, 1PM CT

Accelerated Insertion of Materials (AIM) is a methodology for rapidly qualifying materials for specific applications by coupling modeling, simulation and testing across all stages of component and material development. This allows for:

-rapidly iterating on design concepts that will be most beneficial to the target application,
-combining the aleatory uncertainty of the real manufacturing process and the epistemic uncertainty captured by simulation to predict distributions of material performance, and
-predicting minimum material properties on a full-scale production level using a minimum amount of experimental testing

QuesTek has applied its AIM methodology to accelerate the qualification and flight deployment of several aerospace steels. Now, this methodology is packaged in QuesTek’s Accelerated Qualification Toolkit (AQT) within the ICMD® software platform.

presented by: Kerem Taskin, Senior Client Solutions Engineer & Tanner Kirk, Materials Design Engineer

ICME applications for rapid additive manufacturing parameter set development
October 5, 1PM CT

A key component of an effective additive manufacturing program requires the development of a quality parameter set to ensure quality defect-free parts while maximizing through put. The traditional trial and error or design of experiments approach to developing these parameters is time-consuming, costly, and unpredictable. The webinar will discuss how the physics-based models of integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) can be used to develop rapid, reliable parameter sets for additive manufacturing. We will examine the models and methods used independently, and also how they are used in QuesTek’s ICMD® platform to put the power of these computation tools in the hands of materials engineers and AM professionals.

presented by: Keith Fritz, Director of Client Solutions
Using ICME to predict advanced material properties: high and low cycle fatigue
November 9, 1PM CT
In this webinar, the use of ICME to predict structure-property relationships will be discussed, with a particular focus on dynamic mechanical properties such as fatigue. We will also discuss how QuesTek’s ICMD® software can help engineers take advantage of these modeling tools to design and optimize materials to achieve target properties.
presented by: Gary Whelan, Senior Materials Design Engineer
Physics-based modeling & machine learning to solve materials challenges
November 16, 1PM CT
In this webinar, the use of machine learning to complement physics-based materials modeling will be discussed. We will also discuss how QuesTek’s ICMD® software currently utilizes machine learning to amplify the core physics-based modeling tools to enable users to arrive at materials solutions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

presented by: Gary Whelan, Senior Materials Design Engineer

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Designing Materials using ICMD®
December 5, 1PM CT

This webinar will introduce viewers to QuesTek’s systems-based materials design process. We will discuss the benefits of computational design in material development and qualification and enabling materials concurrency in the product development cycle. We will showcase examples of this process using QuesTek’s ICMD® software.

presented by: Clay Houser, Product Manager ICMD®
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